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Dnn Image Resizer

This is the famous packaged for use in DNN. It is a super-fast image-resizer. This is how you use it
  • image.png?w=200 - this would resize it to width 200
  • image.png?h=700&h=200 - again a resize
  • image.png?h=700&h=200&mode=crop
  • and way, way more - check out

Important to Know

We are releasing to packages
  1. Light - which only contains the ImageResizer and LightCache - ideal if you only want to use things with permissive open source licenses like Apache 2.0 but are more limited in performance
  2. Pro - more performant and faster, yet includes components which are licensed under AGPL (copyleft) requirements - so you must either open-source your work, or buy a separate license from Imazen. See also

Project Description
The IMHO best imageresizer on .net - now as a quick-install for DNN.

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